State of the Art Energy Efficient Sprinkler Systems

This article on sprinkler irrigation is specially written to empower and stimulate the imagination of the world’s farming community in helping them realize that “WINNING IS ONLY A STATE OF MIND”. The article provides a glimpse to enable farmers to think globally and provide in house solutions, so that they are competitive worldwide.

The 26th of May, 2011, was a red letter day for the Indian Coffee Plantation Industry, because on this very special day the Chairman of the Coffee Board, Mr. Javid Akthar inaugurated the “First of its kind State of the Art Energy Efficient Sprinkler System at Joe’s Sustainable Coffee Plantation, Kirehully Estate, India.

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Rainguns – The Future of Sprinkler Irrigation

Dr.Anand Titus Pereira is a Technical Consultant to Canara Bank. (A Government of India enterprise). The information in this article is not biased toward any single product or manufacturer!

Readers are requested to refer the article THE FINE ART OF IRRIGATION IN ROBUSTA ( C. canephora) COFFEE PLANTATIONS and PHYSIOLOGY OF COFFEE FLOWERING for a better understanding of the present article.

Shade grown ecofriendly coffee plantations are located in the picturesque evergreen forests of the Western Ghats. These coffee landscapes are known for their beauty all over the world. The natural features of coffee forests include steep mountainsides with altitudes reaching up to 4500 feet main sea level. Continue reading “Rainguns – The Future of Sprinkler Irrigation”